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With the wide of driving instructors in Canning Vale available, you will find the one that most suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a male of female instructor or would like to drive a manual or automatic car, there is the one that you’re be most happy with.

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Free Canning Vale Driving Lesson

The Keys2Drive program is an Australian Government funded program where you can get a free driving lesson with an accredited instructor.

Click on this Keys2Drive WA page for more information.

Canning Vale Driving School Tips

Here are some useful learner driver tips around lane changing.

In the case where two lanes merge into one, the vehicle that is in front has the right of way.

For the case where there are multiple marked lanes and one ends, you will need to give way to the vehicles in the lane you are driving into.

Here are some safety tips when lane changing

Make sure that you use your indicator to signal your intentions so that other drivers are aware when you are merging into a lane.

Always try to keep a safe distance between the vehicle ahead of you and your vehicle.

Take turns to merge if there are long lines of merging traffic.

Try to match the legal speed of the road you’re merging into and don’t speed up and to get your vehicle ahead of others.

Choose from the best Canning Vale driving schools and get the professional learning experience from experienced instructors.

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