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With the wide of driving instructors in Dianella available, you will find the one that most suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a male of female instructor or would like to drive a manual or automatic car, there is the one that you’re be most happy with.

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The Keys2Drive program is an Australian Government funded program where you can get a free driving lesson with an accredited instructor.

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Dianella Learner Driver Tips

Quality driving is a sign of experience, and you can only get experience by practising.

Make sure that you get experience in a wide variety of conditions.

You will get more benefit from your driving experiences if you vary the situations in which you drive.

Doing the same things over and over again in the same locations will not be as useful and can get boring and loose your enthusiasm.

Practise performing plenty of manoeuvres.  In the Practical Driving Assessment you will be required to perform a range of manoeuvres.

Some examples of the common manoeuvres can be the following:

  • three-point turn
  • U turns
  • driving in and out of driveways
  • reversing
  • parallel parking
  • parking in car parks

Remember once you’ve got you’re license you will be driving on your own. Therefore it is essential that you take responsibility to look out for your own safety and others on the road.

Choose from the best Dianella driving schools and get the professional learning experience from experienced instructors.

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