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With the wide of driving instructors in Kelmscott available, you will find the one that most suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a male of female instructor or would like to drive a manual or automatic car, there is the one that you’re be most happy with.

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The Keys2Drive program is an Australian Government funded program where you can get a free driving lesson with an accredited instructor.

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Kelmscott Learner Driver Tips

It is important to note that there are some rules around the usage of mobile phones whilst driving.

Rules have been enforced as mobile phones can be a distraction to the driver of a vehicle which can cause accidents and reduce the ability of a driver to drive safely at all times.

It only takes a small distraction to cause an accident.

You can only able to touch a mobile phone to receive and terminate a phone call if the phone is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle.

If the phone is not secured to a mounting, you are only able to receive or terminate a phone call without touching it by use of voice activation or a Bluetooth hands-free car kit, ear piece or headset.

It should also noted that you cannot create, send or look at a text message, video message, email  even when the phone is secured to a mounting or can be operated without touching it.

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