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Whether you’re looking for a male of female instructor or would like to drive a manual or automatic car, there is the one that you’re be most happy with.

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The Keys2Drive program is an Australian Government funded program where you can get a free driving lesson with an accredited instructor.

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Perth Learner Driver Tips

Reverse parallel parking seems to be one of the most hated or scariest thing you will need to know how to do.

Lots of people fear it and hate doing it.

I’m not just referring to learner drivers, but even experienced drivers.

But once you get the hang of it, you will no longer feel frustrated or even afraid of pulling into that car parking spot on a busy road.

If you’re doing this for the first time, find a nice quite road so you can take your time and work through mastering the process without being distracted.

Even if there are no cars on the road, you can use garbage bins to park behind.

To keep things as simple as possible, ensure that the car parking spot you want to park in is large enough for your car.

Then park along side the car you want to park behind. Slowly reverse straight until the rear of the car you want to park behind lines up with your rear tire.

At this point start turning into the parking spot slowly, up until your car can clear the car infront. You’ll also notice that your car is at approximately 45 degree angle.

At this point, turn the steering wheeling in the opposite direction at full lock and reverse slowly, this will result with the front end of your car swinging into position in parallel to the curb.

For more details on perfecting this move, you can work with one of our great Perth driving instructors.


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