Keys2Drive Perth WA | Free Driving Lesson

Keys2Drive Perth is an Australian Government funded program providing learner drivers and their supervisors a free driving lesson with a keys2drive accredited professional Perth driving instructor.

This free driving lesson does not replace existing driver training but rather complements other learner driving training. This is done by advising learner drivers how best to approach the learning process and to take control of their own learning, encouraging them to ‘Find Their Own Way’.

This may sound risky at first however it makes sense to teach these skills before they need to find their way alone when they have their P Plates.

keys2drive Perth

Keys2Drive Lesson

The keys2drive free lesson has been designed to be delivered at anytime during the learning to drive phase.

The ideal timing for the free lesson is after you have done around 5-10 hours. Don’t let this deter you from booking a free lesson if you have already done more hours, the lesson can be very valuable at any stage.

Register for your free lesson using the link below:

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